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Measure the impact of my scholarship

The UIC Library provides several resources to obtain information on the number of times your articles have been cited (Web of Science, Scopus) and that will calculate your h-index. GoogleScholar, a free resource, also provides this information.  In addition, various resources are available for altmetrics data which provides data on various metrics including acknowledgement on social media (twitter, CiteULIke, etc).

Tools for citation analysis and h-index

Web of Science

Web of Science provides citation counts for articles indexed within it. It indexes over 10,000 journals in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. To find an author’s h-index in Web of Science:

  • Enter the name of the author in the top search box.
  • Select Author from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • To ensure accuracy for popular names, add another field and enter “Univ Illinois” and then select “Address” from the field drop down menu on the right.


Scopus provide citation counts for articles indexed within it (limited to article written in 1996 and after). It indexes over 15,000 journals from over 4,000 international publishers across the disciplines. To find the citation counts to your own articles:

  • Click on the Author search tab.
  • Enter the name of the author in the search box—if you are using initials for the first and/or middle name, be sure to enter periods after the initials (e.g. Smith J.T.).
  • To ensure accuracy if it is a popular name, you may enter University of Illinois in the affiliation field.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides citation counts for articles found within Google Scholar.  More information on how Google obtains its content.

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