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Sep 15 2022

UIC Latinx Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15, 2022

A colorful visual metaphorical collage that sheds light on our roots, cultures, and ancestors. There is a green face with hair that looks like leaves and a beard of tree roots. There are monarch butterflies flying around and a sun in the background.

"Mi Cultura Vive en Mí" | "My Culture Lives in Me” is to highlight the Latinx/e experience and honor the culture that comes with it. To remember our roots and the people that came before us—allowing for us to embrace all parts of our heritage. As well as respecting the very people who created and influenced the food, culture and music. A culture that is multi-layered, multicultural, multi-faceted and beautiful.

Our Latinx Heritage Month art logo is directly aligned with “Mi Cultura Vive en Mí, My Culture Lives in Me.” The artistic design is a committee member’s depiction of the theme:

“This motherland piece is meant to pay homage to folx from Latin America. A visual metaphorical collage that sheds light on our roots, cultures, and ancestors. By using vibrant colors, I want to center on what collective joy looks like and depict our pride of where we come from. The monarchs are drawn to symbolize the nature of ‘self-journey’ and ‘navigating’ in multiple worlds—highlighting that our cultures are carried with us everywhere we go.“ - (Victoria Torres, Artist of Latinx Heritage Month Logo ‘22)

It is not only important we acknowledge our roots through celebration, laughter, bonding, and storytelling—as well as, making space to shed light on our struggles, in solidarity.

If you have any questions please email us at

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Student Involvement

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Sep 15, 2022

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Sep 22, 2022

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