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Digital Scholarship

Integrating innovations in multimedia, interactivity, linked data, or data visualization.

We work across all disciplines, allowing for new methods of scholarly communication, publication, and discovery of research projects.

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The Digital Scholarship Hub in the Richard J. Daley Library is an interdisciplinary workspace that cultivates creativity, encourages collaboration, and enhances digital literacy skills through the use of software, technology, consultations, and innovation. The dedicated team is on hand to instruct students and faculty on a range of technologies including 3D printing, prototype development, Geographic Information System (GIS), data visualization, and text mining. This support aims to bolster their research, learning, and innovative pursuits by seamlessly blending scholarly methodologies with technological skills.

Equipment and software available at the Hub includes GIS data visualization displays, 3D printers, a sewing machine, a laser cutter, and computers outfitted with software for data and text mining, scanning and prototyping technologies.

Hours of Operation

Please see Library Hours for current Hub opening hours.

Schedule an appointment with one of our digital scholarship experts, or contact us for more information.


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