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Course Reserves (Faculty)

The UIC Library supports courses by setting aside study materials for easy student access.

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Are you able to purchase a book or DVD the UIC Library does not currently own to place on course reserves?

Yes, when faculty place a reserves request, UIC Library will rush order the material. For more expensive items, we will work with the liaison librarian for your department to consider the purchase.

Is there a limit to how many books or videos I place on reserve?

No. However, there may be a dollar limit on how much material we can special order for a particular class.

Can I place a book that I own on reserve?

Yes, first place a reserves request and ask for instructions about dropping your item off at the library. Please be aware that your personal items will be marked with labels and barcodes, and we cannot guarantee that they will not be damaged or lost in the course of being used.

For how long can reserve items be checked out?

During Fall 2020, students can borrow materials for one day. They must return the book before the Library closes the following day, or if they borrow materials on a Friday, they must return the materials before closing time the following Monday or on the Tuesday following Labor Day Monday.

Instructors can borrow materials for their course for one-week. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take for material to be available after I place my request?

Many factors affect the turnaround time for reserves, such as time of year and whether the library needs to make a new purchase. Times are significantly slower the first week of classes, when many requests are received. For quickest turnaround, send your requests at least two weeks before classes begin.

Can the library digitize material to stream for reserves?

The Library does not digitize videos for course reserves. See more details on digitizing videos for UIC courses.

Will a library staff member post links and PDFs for me on my course site?

Yes, if you make the library staff member a Course Builder in Blackboard, the person can obtain PDFs and links and post them to your course site. Place the request first, and we will let you know whom to add to your course.

Does the Library clear copyright for material I post on my course site?

No, as faculty you are responsible for assessing fair use for materials posted. If the material used exceeds fair use, the library can consult with you about the process to seek copyright clearance; copyright fees are the responsibility of the instructor or department.

What happens to my course reserves when the class ends? Do I need to submit another request form if I teach my class next semester?

Materials are returned to the shelves or to you. Please submit a request for each semester.

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