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Reproduction Services

The University Library offers a variety of reproduction services for items in the collection. Fees for photocopying, scanning and reproducing images may be found below.  Ask an Archivist for more information.

Depending on the size and complexity of the request and the size and condition of the item, services will be filled either by Special Collections and University Archives or Digital Services staff.

The University Library reserves the right to refuse any reproduction order, in its sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse requests when the item is deemed too fragile or delicate to photograph. All requests are also subject to copyright law and other laws and regulations; please see the section on Rights, below.

Patrons may take photographs, subject to restrictions, at no charge.

Please note that we can provide only PDF reference scans (and not photocopies) for international or large domestic orders.


The fees Special Collections and University Archives charges for photocopying, scanning and reproducing images can be found in the schedule below.

For quotes for reproductions not listed here, or for film, video and audio reformatting please contact the department at (312) 996-2742. Ask a Librarian for further information.

Photocopy and Reference Scanning

  • Limit 50 pages per project.
  • Pay by major credit card only.
Service Cost
Up to 25 pages Free
26-50 pages $.50 per page

High Resolution Photographic Reproductions

Digital Images

  • TIF or JPG formats available.
  • Digital images are 6000 pixel (600 DPI @ 8″x10″ equivalent).
Service Cost
Digital master copies of previously digitized material $30
Digital Images of non-fragile, reflective originals up to 11″ x 16″ $30
Digital Images of transmissive film (negative and positive) from original formats 35mm, 120mm, 4″x5″,
Digital Images of reflective originals between 11″x17″ and 30″x40″ $40
Digital Images of fragile, delicate and bound volumes $40
Digital Images of realia, paintings, framed art, and other objects $40


  • Archival ink jet, luster finish.
Service Cost
5″x7″ $15
8″x10″ $30
11″x16″ $40


Service Cost
UPS/USPS Flat Rate shipping for prints, photocopies, or scans to CD per order $10 per order
Electronic Download No charge
Customer pick-up at the Special Collections Department (Daley or Library of the Health
No charge
International order  Ask a Librarian for quote


In almost all cases the University of Illinois at Chicago, University Library owns only the physical object and does not assume responsibility for copyright, or other legal rights such as literary, publicity or privacy rights involved in the reproduction or publication of its collections. In some instances, material may be in the public domain, or the University Library may in fact be the rights holder per the terms of donor agreements.

It is your responsibility to determine the copyright status of materials you wish to use.

When viewing our digital collections or when ordering reproductions, researchers will encounter the following rights statements:

  • Copyright not evaluated
    Used for sources with undetermined or un-researched copyright status. The majority of our collections will have this designation. The researcher is responsible for researching copyright using the tools provided in our research guide.
  • In copyright
    Used for sources known or assumed to be in copyright by an entity other than the University Library. We will provide whatever information we have regarding the copyright holder, but the researcher is solely responsible for securing permission from rights holders, or determining that their intended use falls within the boundaries of fair use.
  • In copyright — non-commercial use permitted
    This designation is used when the University Library holds the copyright. No further permissions need to be sought. However, best practices require that complete and accurate credit lines accompany any public display or publication, including creator and dates (when known), identification numbers, collection name, and repository information. Commercial use is prohibited unless explicitly granted by the University Library.
  • No copyright – United States
    Used for sources in the public domain. Public domain sources have no restrictions on their use.

If you are a rights holder and believe that the University Library is in violation of copyright in its use of material in its collections, please Ask a Librarian.

This research guide provides many useful sources of information to help you determine the legal use of copyrighted library materials.

Still have questions? Ask a Librarian.

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