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Set up a library account

UIC students, faculty and staff have automatic access to UIC Library resources. Alumni and visitors can apply for borrowing cards.

UIC students, faculty and staff

Only your UIC NetID and password are needed to access Library resources.

Links to all of your Library accounts are available here for easy bookmarking.

New Catalog System

Please note: as of March 2019, the UIC Library has been moving to a new catalog system.  To request items, to view item availability, or to view your account, you must first link your NetID with your Library “Barcode” number.  The system will then present this prompt:

A screenshot of the step required to link a NetID with a Library Barcode, in the new UIC catalog.
The step required to link a NetID with a Library Barcode.

Your “Barcode” is the “Library” number shown on your I-Card:

An example of a UIC I-Card, indicating the Library ID number at lower right.
Look for your Library ID number at the lower right corner of your I-Card, marked "Library".  This is also known as your "Borrower ID" or "Barcode Number."

This linking step should only occur once, and will establish your account.  Afterward, you should login using the “Login with your UIC NetID” button at the top right of every catalog screen.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact a UIC Librarian.


Alumni can apply for an Alumni Borrowing card.


I-Share Users

Make sure you have a free and clear library account at your library and bring your I-Share institution ID to check out items.  If your I-Share account is not valid or is blocked through your home library, you may not borrow books or other items.

Special borrowing agreements

  • Visitors from Lexington College and Spertus Institute, with active accounts and current IDs, can borrow items only from Daley Library.
  • Northwestern University and University of Chicago students and faculty can borrow items only from Daley Library with correctly filed CIC permission. (Please see your home institution for application and approval.)
  • Whitney Young Magnet High School students can borrow items from Daley Library with an ALA form obtained from their school library.
  • Students, staff and faculty from Loyola University with active accounts and current IDs can borrow items only from Daley Library. Loyola Medical faculty with active accounts and current IDs may borrow items from LHS-Chicago.
  • John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County faculty with active accounts and current IDs may borrow items from both Daley Library and LHS-Chicago.
  • Peoria community members may check out up to three items from LHS-Peoria after registering with valid government-issued ID.

Members of the public

Members of the public and non-UIC affiliated visitors are welcome to use UIC items and resources in any of our physical locations.

Individuals who are not otherwise affiliated with UIC and wish to borrow materials may become members of the UIC University Library.

Note: Membership does not include interlibrary loan privileges, I-Share borrowing privileges or off-site access to proprietary databases.

  • Overdue and missing book charges apply when warranted.
  • Membership cards should be purchased in the name of the person(s) who will actually come to the Library.
  • Only the person to whom the card is issued may check out Library materials.

Apply for individual or corporate membership

To become a member fill out the membership form:

The form is also available from the Library’s administrative offices.

As of July 1, 2011, annual fees for membership are:

  • Individual or one corporate membership: $500
  • Corporate (2 memberships): $750
  • Corporate (3-5 memberships): $1,250
  • Corporate (6-10 memberships): $2,000
  • Corporate (11-20 memberships): $2,750

Replacement card cost – $30/card
For any questions, please send an e-mail to

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